Schauspielhaus Vienna is a member of „Theaterallianz“ – six independent Austrian theatres, each of an established quality and of special meaning for its province.Besides Schauspielhaus, Theater KOSMOS Bregenz, ensemble Klagenfurt, Theater Phönix Linz and Schauspielhaus Salzburg are founding members. The group was recently joined bei Theater am Lend Graz that plays an important role in the support of contemporary writers due to its close relation to Drama forum of uniT Graz. Through Theaterallianz a national platform for contemporary theatre in Austria was created. The focus of the common activities is on the exchange of selected productions of contemporary drama. In 2015 Theaterallianz for the first time awarded a prize for contemporary Austrian play writing and gave it to Thomas Köck for his play „Kudlich – eine anachronistische Puppenschlacht“.  The Schauspielhaus production of its world premiere will be shown at all partner theatres. For the season 2017/18 a new edition of the award which is one of the most highly remunerated awards in German language countries is planned.