Jesse Inman

Jesse Inman was born in Birmingham (UK) in 1977. In 2003 he moved to Germany an worked as freelance actor at various theatres all over Europe – in German as well as English language productions. Since 2006 he was a member of „Far A Day Cage“ (FADC) and performed in „Der Pate I-III“ (2009-11), „My State“ (2010) and „Hamlet, anschließend Publikumsgespräch « (2011) et al. From 2012-15 he was ensemble member at Theater Basel. He played in the movies „Countess“ by Julie Delpy and in Lars von Trier’s „Nymphomaniac“ et al. He worked with the directors Boris Nikitin, Bernhard Mikeska, Barbara Weber, Florian Fiedler, Niklaus Helbing, Lucia Bihler and Thomas Bo Nilsson et al.