by Gernot Grünewald after themes by Karel Čapek, Ray Kurzweil, Stanisław Lem | WORLD PREMIERE
Are we at the beginning of a new era? Gernot Grünewald is linking the Golem myth to literary manifestos of trans-humanism and creates a musical collage of texts that opens up a disturbing vision of the future: a world after human beings.
Premiere: Thursday, 28.Sep.2017
a walk-in, immersive theatrical social media series
by Tomas Schweigen, Bernhard Studlar & Lorenz Langenegger
Pioneers of the periphery. Plunge into the life of the characters of this first walk-in, immersive theatrical social media series. Enter the story line. Become part of „Seestadt-Saga“! In real-time.
Start am 19. Oktober 2017
by Thomas Köck
An inheritance! In his debt cantata for a choir of young people and an actress Thomas Köck is reflecting on the individual and collective inheritance.
Premiere: Thursday, 09.Nov.2017
by Jakob Nolte
People at the café, conversations about everyday life: holiday memories, relationships, capital crimes, ray guns and Mossad. And pumpkins, of course! Jakob Nolte is exploiting all of this for a shrill comedy in which fake news diffuse right into the private.
Premiere: Thursday, 16.Nov.2017
An electronic chamber opera
by Jacob Suske & Ann Cotten
Can the clockwork of hatred and revenge still be stopped? Jacob Suske and Ann Cotten interrogate the entanglements of love and power of a dysfunctional family in their electronic chamber opera.
Premiere: Sunday, 31.Dec.2017
by Mehdi Moradpour
An irreversible decision: Shall Elija have a serious operation performed on him in order to be able to live his love? Mehdi Moradpour sketches the poetic picture of a group of people who are fighting fo their place in the world with the most commitment imaginable.
Premiere: Saturday, 27.Jan.2018
by Enis Maci
Three crimes are in the centre of Enis Maci’s poetic cartography of a brutalized world. The author is focussing more on the underlying biosystem than on the perpetrators, the humus of violence: the confidants.
Premiere: Saturday, 24.Mar.2018
by Bernhard Studlar & Tomas Schweigen
Seestadt – a fenced in estate at the gates of the metropolis. A paradise! Utopia turned into a city, made possible and protected by the most modern means of technology! But not everyone wants to live in this comfortable bubble. Resistance is forming. A young woman decides to go on a risky trip…
Premiere: Saturday, 12.May.2018
A post-factual epic after Homer, Vergil, Shakespeare, Schiller & Goethe
Reality is abolished. In wartime there are only interests. Tomas Schweigen & ensemble investigate the relationship between culture, politics and truth in the post-factual era based on the mysterious complex around mythical Troy.
Premiere: auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben