Installation by Thomas Bo Nilsson

Realisation Thomas Bo Nilsson
Directed by Thomas Bo Nilsson, Jens Lassak, Julian Wolf Eicke
Stage & costume design Thomas Bo Nilsson, Julian Wolf Eicke
Music & Sounddesign Jacob Suske
Dramaturgy Tobias Schuster, Anna Laner
Cast: Lena Bösch, Georg Bütow, Julian Wolf Eicke, Vera von Gunten, Jens
Lassak, Thomas Bo Nilsson, Ute Reintjes, Pia Wurzer

Premiere December 1, 2016
A lonely country road. In the middle of nowhere, night, far away from the city, a transit route close to the border of a country. The only sign of civilisation: a motorway services, red fluorescent lights in the window of a dreary club are blinking rhythmically and tiny cubicles are available for relaxation, alone or accompanied. Those who enter a cubicle without „support“ are provided with video footage that will help their imagination. No one will check who will meet there – one enjoys quickly, pays and hits the road. But where do the films that are shown for entertainment come from? And what are they actually showing?   
A spartan hut. Only several hundred metres away there are some more deserted sheds, the remains of an abandoned industrial area at the edge of a wood. Nowadays hardly any people are coming here anymore and nature is trying to reconquer the area. A young couple lives here in isolation. When the two women become witnesses of an accident one day, their common life changes in a completely inexpected way. An unconscious young woman is lying on the road. They take the injured with them and take care of her until she regains consciousness. Whilst she is slowly recovering, she is turning from someone who needs protection into a sovereign counterpart. A human being with wishes, desires and expectations. The longer the process of recovery is proceeding, the more conflicts arise between the three residents of the remote dwelling. Soon questions are imposed on the two helpers. Who are they actually accommodating? Deep in the forest, without the pleasant distraction of the city, thrown back on their own subconscious, one of the women notices a strange change in her own psyche. In order to assure herself of her mental state she begins to write a diary. The intruder seems to claim space in it. What happens when a human suddenly sees himself confronted with his own emotions and aggressions of unknown cruelty? What to do when psyche radicalises itself and all of a sudden becomes uncontrollable? Over days and weeks a sinister trip into the abyss begins.
After „Cellar Door“ this is Thomas Bo Nilsson’s and his team’s second production at Schauspielhaus Vienna. Their performance-installation had transformed the whole building in Porzellangasse in spring 2016 and turned it into an accessible cosmos, the labyrinthian underworld of a provincial village. Complemented by short films and an online presence that allowed various interactions with the performers, the „Cellar Door“ tryptich depicted a disturbing panorama of a brutalized society where the border between reality and virtuality is blurry.
The theatre career of the Swedish architect and installation artist began with the production of „Die Erscheinung der Martha Rubin“ at Schauspiel Köln that he created together with the Danish performance group SIGNA and that was invited to Theatertreffen Berlin in 2008. Subsequently he was listed several times as best stage designer by Theater heute for his projects at Centraltheater Leipzig, Volksbühne Berlin and Salzburg Festival. Since 2013 he is also working as director together with stage designer Julian Wolf Eicke and his co-director Jens Lassak. In 2014 they developed their internationally acclaimed debut „MEAT“ at Schaubühne Berlin. Different from his first exuberant installations with more than 40 performers, this time Thomas Bo Nilsson chooses an intimate form for his second production at Schauspielhaus. With a group of five performers he enters an enigmatic, claustrophobic net of dependencies, hatred and psychological decline. Once again he is dealing with how interhuman communication, the possibility to communicate about your own life with others, is becoming more and more virtual and is creating a scenery of isolation.

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