by Enis Maci
Directed by Pedro Martins Beja
Premiere March 24, 2018
Three crimes are in the centre of Enis Maci’s poetic cartography of a brutalized world. The author is focussing more on the underlying biosystem than on the perpetrators, the humus of violence: the confidants.

27°20‘01.6“N  80°20’40.9“W. Port  St. Lucie, Florida, USA.
A city on the border to swamps, plane trees and cypresses between brutal house formations. Nature is fighting civilisation. The swamps want to devour culture. In this strangely muggy atmosphere two young people grow up, there are not many left. The city is better suited for pensioners – beyond golf courses, anonymous apartment blocks and retirement homes there is little to explore. It comes in handy to the circle of high school friends when the teenager Tyler Hadley sends an invitation to his what’sApp group to a party at his parents‘ house. But the gathering of the teenagers gets out of control.

38°08‘40.0“N  31°13‘28.1“E  Koruyaka, Turkey, Asia.
At the other end of the world Nevin Yildirim becomes victim of a brutal crime. Outrageoulsy the perpetrator is not an unknown person to her. She wants him to be punished, yet she cannot wait for justice. How far can she go? Where are the borders between comprehensible impulse and blind heat of the moment? Can vengeance ever be legitimate?
51°35‘07.4“N 6°45‘29.6“E. Dinslaken, Germany, Europe.
The former industrial landscapes of the Ruhr district are nowadays characterised by unemployment and demographic decline.The area offers very little perspective to its inhabitants. Going to the football stadium on Saturdays is part of the cultural DNA. Over the decades Salafist parallel societies have evolved in this area between coal mines, industrial wasteland and football stadiums characterised by migration. The structural deprivation of the region is a fertile soil for ideology and fanatism. Young Nils Dontah, passionate football afficionado with contacts to the hooligan scene, decides to radically break with Western culture.
Enis Maci observes like a drone irritating topographies and describes a world out of joint with great poetry. In her lyrical epos she confronts the tremendous and the monstrous with the everyday that often opens into an abyss and links both for a sinister panorama. There are three real crimes in the focus. But rather than on the perpetrator she is facing the sceneries, ecosystems that allow this kind of action. Maci looks at these areas with an almost planetary scale, at other times she zooms in on relationship networks, the human biotopes that create the fertile soil for all deeds of its inhabitants. She never gives in to the temptation to look at the characters in a sensational way. Instead she appoints a court that does not want to judge the actions in a moral way but that questions their conditions and surroundings. There are strangely passive and resigned people everywhere that look with irritating understanding into the abyss they are confronted with. Enis Maci discovers mechanisms that are effective in the middle of our society on her map of connivance.
Enis Maci, born in 1993 in Gelsenkirchen (Germany), studied literary writing in Leipzig. Her first play „lebendfallen“ premiered at the local theatre. With her second play „Mitwisser“ one of her works is presented for the first time in Austria. For her first drafts she was awarded with the Hans-Gratzer-Award of Schauspielhaus Vienna (succeeding Miroslava Svolikova). Out of 70 applicants she and further four candidates had been invited to join a workshop (lead by Kathrin Röggla) and to work on their drafts. The German language theatre gains with Maci a powerful new voice whose darkish-iridescent poetry needs to be discovered urgently.
Pedro Martins Beja, born in 1978, studied directing at the academy for acting „Ernst Busch“ and directed et al. at Schaubühne Berlin, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Schauspielhaus Wien, Schauspielhaus Graz as well as Theater am Neumarkt Zurich. Over the past years he worked several times in Finland.


Author: Enis Maci
Directed by: Pedro Martins Beja
Stage & Costumes: Elisabeth Weiß
Music: Markus Steinkellner
Dramaturgy: Tobias Schuster
Regieassistenz: Gabriel Zschache
Cast: Simon Bauer, Lili Epply, Steffen Link, Vassilissa Reznikoff, Sebastian Schindegger



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20:00 Schauspielhaus
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