By Teresa Präauer
Director: Anna Marboe

Premiere on 24. November 2018

Schimmi sees the world the way he wants to! Teresa Präauer tells a shrill,
powerful and fast-paced Coming- of- Age story.
In an apartment on the seventeenth floor, someone is really making a fool of
themselves: the dazzling, eloquent womaniser Schimmi, who has understood
the market economy, who certainly does not eat fresh fruit and who has the girls
at his feet, just not the ONE , Ninni. On the way to get closer to his beloved, he
has to overcome a few hurdles: So the good-for-nothing trips over the curb
because he was caught gawking, falls off the ladder because he has allowed
himself too many sweets from the top shelf , or inexplicably gets into a fight in
a nightclub. Someone like Schimmi doesn’t let himself be put off by such tiny
setbacks and finds courage at home in front of the TV – inspired by the wonders
of nature on channel 6 and by the girl on Channel 69 who boosts his
masculinity. Before that, however, it still has to be clarified what the
disappearance of the “aesthetical” father has to do with the ruined Blaufuchs of
the mother, what the beauty contest of the Miss Teen Rodeo has to do with the
“biological” father and last but not least, why this is all connected to a specific
accident Schimmi has in a rodeo arena. And wasn't there something with a
certain Maguro lying under Schimmi's bed? Give the monkey sugar, the
Schimmi says to himself and sets off into the urban jungle to Ninni! If only his
mother wouldn’t always call at the wrong moment…
Teresa Präauer designs an insanely funny language, inspired by social media,
for the whipping love orgies around Schimmi. A language that exposes itself,
one that flirts and outrageously hits on people, in order to relentlessly reveal a
deep sadness under the bling-bling facade in the next moment. With this
language Schimmi generates his very own world, which shimmers and shines
with yellow sherbert powder, green frogs and pink chewing gum.
<<Oh Shimmi>> reveals how language has the power to shape and change a
society at the same time; how language can create reality. It’s a text like a con
manwho, by speaking in the world, rises to become the macaque. Schimmi says:
"It is really difficult to be humble when you are as great as I am."

A production by the KOSMOS Theater Bregenz in cooperation with the
Schauspielhaus Wien within as part of the Theaterallianz.



Cast: Markus Bernhard Börger
Author: Teresa Präauer
Directed by: Anna Marboe
Stage & Costumes: Sophia Profanter
Dramaturgy: Anna Laner
Regieassistenz: Sophie Fischer
Dramaturgieassistenz: Anna Hirschmann


"Börger manövriert sich souverän durch ein komplexes Arsenal an Stimmungen und Figuren, und macht Schimmis Erwachsenwerden inmitten all der formalen Selbstbezüglichkeit auf sehr altmodische Weise existenziell glaubhaft." Nachtkritik

„Er exponiert sich schonungslos, im schweißtreibenden Affenzahn-Tempo und mit überschwappenden Emotionen über seine dysfunktionale Familie, die zerschmetterten Träume seiner Mutter, Verdrängung, Verleumdung und Fluchtversuche berichtet, mal billig flirtet, mal unverschämt baggert, und hinter Schimmis Bling-Bling immer dessen Betrübtheit durchblitzen lässt, da wird der Abend nicht nur bis zum Abwinken absurd, da tun sich tatsächlich Abgründe auf. (…) Sehenswert.“ Mottingers Meinung

„Pubertäre Träume, lustvoll aufs Korn genommen“ Falter