By Kandinsky
devised by the company after an original idea by Lauren Mooney and James Yeatman
»Only a few hours from the city, this development is strategically located, offering seclusion, privacy and defensibility. The property is well-presented, with extensive opportunities for remodelling and its own 4' x 8' blast door, sealed to prevent water, air and gas permeation. Inhabitants are guaranteed protection from nuclear blast, fallout, biological attack, chemical attack, solar flares, electromagnetic pulse, submersion in water, earthquakes, volcanic ash, severe weather, extreme winds and forced entry. No parking.«
When a man gets a job selling bunkers to the super-rich, he begins to realise that what he’s really selling is survival. And he can’t afford it.
SHTF* is the new show from Kandinsky Theatre Company, about living with the end of the world.
*[es-eych-tee-ef], acronym
Term commonly used by ›preppers‹ to refer to the beginning of the end of the world, i.e. the moment ›shit hits the fan‹. See also: Uncivilisation; TEOTWAWKI.

The British theatre company Kandinsky consists of the writer and director James Yeatman and the writer and dramaturg Lauren Mooney. They create the texts for their shows with the cast and creative team through a collaborative writing and devising process. Their production »Trap Street« was invited to FIND Festival at Schaubühne in Berlin in 2019. Kandinsky has been awarded the Peter Brook Festival Award and the OffWestEnd Award for Best Ensemble, among others.


Lilly Busch »The shit has hit the fan!« (Schauspielhaus Magazin #3 20/21)

Lauren Mooney »Dispatch from London« (Schauspielhaus Magazin #2 20/21)

Zoom-Gespräch mit Eva Horn und Kandinsky (Schauspielhaus Magazin #2 20/21)


from: Kandinsky
Cast: Vera von Gunten, Jesse Inman, Clara Liepsch
Directed by: James Yeatman
Stage: Stephan Weber
Costumes: Giovanna Bolliger
Sounddesign: Kieran Lucas
Dramaturgy: Lilly Busch, Lauren Mooney



Geplant für April 2022