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March, 14th, 20:00

Hello everybody! The next ENGLISH MONDAYS is just around the corner and we’ve got another great night lined up for you all. As always there will be English crisps, beer and your unusual and somewhat chaotic host, Jesse Inman. You’ll also get to see, and for the very first time, what will become THE SMALLEST THEATRE IN THE WORLD! We’ll be announcing what THE SMALLEST THEATRE IN THE WORLD will be up to next and on top of that we’ve got competitions and loads of amazing guests!!!

Making a return to ENGLISH MONDAYS are three of the best and most recognised comedians from Vienna’s English stand up comedy scene Reginald Bärris, Tamas Vamos and Luke Hacker!!!

Not only are all three of these guys extremely attractive chaps, they’ve been honing their comedic skills for years, travel internationally, performing all over and are absolutely hilarious!!

We’re also delighted and extremely fortunate to Have Doug Andrews with us! Although Doug now lives in Vienna he splits his time between here and his home at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, winning over audiences wherever he goes.

“A talented and thoughtful songwriter, Doug delivers his music in a rich Baritone accented with the blues, and accompanies his songs with expert guitar playing. His Lyrics depend heavily on two beliefs: the universality of both the power of music and the power of now….” - Wyoming PBS

You can find out about and hear more From Doug here.

So come and join us for another ENGLISH MONDAYS on March the 19th, 20:00 at SCHAUSPIELHAUS WIEN. It’s going to be a great night!

Jesse Inman celebrates British culture and gets musical and dramatic support from the English speaking community.


: Jesse Inman



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