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English Mondays

am Montag, 22. Jänner 2018 / 20:00 Uhr
im Nachbarhaus

Jesse Inman & Gäste feiern die britische Kultur:
Lesungen, Skype-Konzerte, Überraschungen und das bei Schwarztee, Chips und Bier.

Dear Expats & Anglophiles

Our ensemble-member Jesse Inman (*1977 Birmingham) is about to take over Schauspielhaus - partly: He will adopt his series “English Monday” and bring it to the next level: It’s now called ENGLISH MONDAYS PRESENTS JESSE INMANS PLAN TO FOUND THE SMALLEST THEATER IN THE WORLD, A WORK IN PROGRESS #1 - #5

Yes, Jesse Inman has decided to create his own theater, the smallest theater in the world and on Monday the 30th of October at 20:00 his journey will begin. Not only will ENGLISH MONDAYS continue as normal with special guests and a great atmosphere but with each episode you’ll be able to see Jesses progress as he gets closer to his goal of running his own tiny theater. There will be experiments, try outs, interviews with experts and inspirational journeys to far flung lands…

On top of this Jesse has already come up with his first ever Spielplan. These performances will take place at some point over the next season (and possibly into the one after) and each one will explore ways to produce spectacular theater on a tiny scale.

Productions to expect include:

-    Two stories from the cult comic series “Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children”
      from Dave Louapre and Dan Sweetman.
-    “M” based on Fritz Lang’s classic film
-    “JAWS” based on the original blockbuster from Steven Spielberg.
-    “LOVE” a naive exploration by Jesse Inman himself :)



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